8 reasons to purchase an ATI electric vehicle:

  • Savings in time and money: Using an ATI vehicle can reduce work time by 30 - 50%. This represents around 150 work days per year on a fruit farm of 4 to 5 hectares. At a conservative estimate this means a saving of around 60 working days per person per year. With an hourly wage of 8 Euros, expenses are reduced by 3,000 – 4,000 Euros per person per year.
  • Reduction in work load: Improving working conditions and making work easier are important factors in orchard farming. There are 7 to 10 regular operations on every tree, each of which involves climbing up and down at least 1 meter. For a typical orchard of 3,000 trees per hectare, the work in a 3 hectare orchard is the equivalent of scaling Mount Everest – and back again. All avoided by using an ATI electric vehicle.
  • Non-polluting: Since the platforms are electrically driven, there are no annoying noises, toxic fumes or air pollution, and no vibration.
  • Energy-saving: An electric motor is 50% more efficient than a conventional combustion engine. Overheads are significantly lower than with a diesel engine.
  • Service Friendly: ATI machines require only limited servicing, far less than a combustion engine.
  • User Friendly: The layout of the controls is ergonomically designed; they are easy and effortless to use
  • Comfort: Fully automatic hillside balance as well as variable automatic driving modes (e.g.  timer and interval drive) make working with ATI machines even more pleasant and efficient.
  • Solar Power: When a solar panel is fitted, an ATI machine becomes 100% energy self-sufficient. No need for external charging.


ATI Pegasus

A highly versatile maintenance working platform for professional orchards and industry.

The ATI Pegasus is the first cost-effective two-persons working platform on the market. Through its smooth and low-vibration operation, based on a powerful electric drive, its highly reliable electronic control and the adjustable height of the work cabin, professional orchard work becomes a pleasure. ...Read More


ATI CAT 1000

A powerful transport vehicle for vineyards in steep landscape with a caterpillar system to operate on difficult grounds.

The CAT 1000 is an indispensible all-round helper for vineyard farmers around the world. Harvesting becomes much more efficient with the adjustable loading platform of the CAT 1000. All year-round maintenance and transport jobs are easier with the reliable support of this fully electrically operated vehicle. ...Read More


ATI Snow Plough

A quiet winter servicing vehicle reducing the challenges of snow of hotels and public walkways.

It is a constant challenge for hotels and resorts to keep public walkways free of snow without disturbing their guests with noisy machinery. The ATI Snow Plough is operated fully electrically with 2 powerful electric engines and is equipped with sufficient battery power in order to operate for 3-4 hours. The loading platform can carry grit in order to keep the cleaned space free of snow. In off-seasons, the ATI Snow Plough can be used as a transport vehicle by removing the snow plough device in the front of the vehicle. ...Read More



Innovative multi-use working platform for fruit orchards and tunnels

The ATI Piccolo is a multi-functional machine designed for all functions of harvesting and maintenance in fruit orchards. The ATI Piccolo can be used by a single operator with the work platform, or up to four personnel to harvest all the fruit from the tree in one pass using the harvesting ladders. The Piccolo features an innovative steering system, and a unique system to unload the filled fruit containers without damaging the fruit. The Piccolo can be used as a working platform, and two adjustable ladders can be mounted on the machine platform to give easy access to the upper branches of the fruit trees. The ATI Piccolo is a true all-rounder with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. ...Read More


ATI e-Transporter

A reliable partner for all indoor and outdoor transports and in alpine regions.

Through its powerful traction, the ATI E-Transporter can be operated in steep areas as well as on any difficult grounds. The ATI E-Transporter is especially advantageous for greenhouse cultivations of any kind. The adjustable loading platform makes its use highly versatile. ...Read More