ATI Piccolo

The multi-purpose electric transport and harvesting machine

The ATI Piccolo is a multi-purpose transport and harvesting machine. Up to 4 persons can use the Piccolo for harvesting and up to 2 persons can perform pruning and tree maintenance at the same time.

The state-of-the-art electronic control of the ATI Piccolo is especially designed according to the requirements of modern fruit growing and ideal for all the required activities. With its great versatility, the ATI Piccolo is a true all-rounder with an excellent cost-performance ratio.

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ATI has developed a unique patented system to transfer the full fruit crate from the machine platform to the ground. The fruit crate is discharged smoothly, without the fruit bumping into each other or on to the container, thus minimising bruising or other damage. This system is used even when the Piccolo is operating on a slope or lateral incline.

Gradient and driving direction

The working platform can be adjusted to accommodate sloping ground, up to an inclination of 25%. The handrail can also be adjusted, to allow for a gradient of up to 15%.

Batteries: charging and changing batteries

The ATI Piccolo is equipped with maintenance-free lead gel batteries, with an operating time of approx. 8 hours, depending on operating conditions. Additional batteries can be supplied on demand.

The battery fitting is designed for simple and rapid replacement of the batteries during operation, avoiding unwanted downtime. When the ATI Piccolo is being used for many hours continuously, the batteries can easily be rotated between the equipment and an external charger.


The steering and speed control functions on the ATI Piccolo are simple to operate through a joystick. The operator spends maximum time on orchard tasks and minimum time on controlling and steering the vehicle. The Piccolo automatically slows down when the joystick is released. There is an electronic control system, which allows the operator to pre-program short rides at given speeds.

Transportation of the machine

The ATI Piccolo can be transported with a fork-lift or on a tractor-drawn trailer.

The harvesting ladders

Harvesting ladders are easily mounted on the platform of the ATI Piccolo to create easy access to fruit at the top area of a tree.

Empty crate holder

The Piccolo has a holder for two empty fruit containers. This minimises downtime in the collection of fruit as the Piccolo moves through the orchard.

The working platform

The single-person working platform is designed for all pruning and tree maintenance work throughout the year. It is easily mounted on the machine platform. The operator can work in optimum ergonomic positions for all tasks, and the handrails fold out, so that fruit located at the worker's foot level is undamaged.


ATI Piccolo User Benefits

Saving Time

  • the ATI Piccolo is ideal for 4-5 persons: 2 persons working on the two ladders, 2 people working at ground level plus one stand-by person
  • the fruit tree can be harvested from top to bottom in one go
  • all fruit pickers are always close to the main fruit crate – therefore the distance of the fruits from tree to the crate is short
  • the ATI Piccolo can carry 2 empty fruit crates – therefore the fruit pickers can work autonomously for several hours without having to organise fresh supply of empty crates
  • with the use of the ATI Piccolo ladders, the fruit pickers are more flexible and can move to the ground easily in case the tree top has been harvested already and vice versa
  • quick exchange of batteries – this ensures the machine is always ready for operation

Work Assistance

  • fruit pickers do not have to carry a heavy load – no ladders and no fruit crates
  • the transport of the ATI Piccolo is easy
  • with the rear stapler of the tractor
  • with the freight lift of the tractor
  • on a trailer of the tractor or car
  • easily combined with the working platform