ATI CAT 1000

A powerful transport vehicle for vineyards in steep landscape with a caterpillar system to operate on difficult grounds.

The CAT 1000 is an indispensible all-round helper for vineyard farmers around the world. Harvesting becomes much more efficient with the adjustable loading platform of the CAT 1000. All year-round maintenance and transport jobs are easier with the reliable support of this fully electrically operated vehicle.

Technical datasheet

Motors: 2 DC motors, nominal output 2 KW each

Gearbox: Self-impeding worm gearing

Brakes: Electromechanical brake system - via worm gearing

Steering: Tank steering by means of a joystick

Control: Forward and reverse drive directions by means of a joystick

Batteries: 4x 12V dry cell batteries 100Ah each

Battery Charger: Standard equipment 10A electronically controlled

Driving Speed: Continuously adjustable from 0 – to max. 3 km/h

Climbing Capacity: Approx. 60%

Weight: Empty 300 kg, max. payload 300 kg

Caterpillar Size: 180x72x37

Loading Platform: Length: 1100 mm, width: 700 mm, tiltable

Machine Length: 1800 mm

Machine Width: 700 mm