About Us

ATI GmbH (Advanced Technology International) was formed by a team of experts, familiar with the challenges facing fruit farmers and the need to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of wasted fruit. We are based in Wollerau, Switzerland and Innsbruck, Austria.

We work with farmers to find creative solutions to support their vital profession of growing healthy food for the whole population. Agriculture must be in tune with the environment in order to guarantee a sustainable future for our planet. ATI's mission is to create technology that contributes to sustainable agriculture.

We place great value on protecting the environment and using technology that is friendly to nature. For this reason we work on developing alternative solutions and improving existing technology. The time is ripe for change. As the uptake in use of electric and hybrid vehicles increases substantially every year, there is a growing acceptance and positivity towards electric vehicles by the general population.

ATI collaborates with industrial production partners, in order to supply the world-wide market with a wide range of electrically driven agricultural machines.

ATI - The Mission

The current global economic crisis and widespread attention on climate change have created an unprecedented boom in the demand for hybrid and electric vehicles and agricultural machinery.

All major machinery manufacturers have expanded their portfolio with environmentally friendly vehicles and machinery, and are marketing these new models with extensive media coverage and public interest.

These new alternatives have become increasingly popular. This development has accelerated as a result of the large increases in the price of conventional fuels and the environmental catastrophes that have occurred during the expansion of worldwide fossil fuel production.

Engineers and producers of electric vehicles and agricultural machines must do justice to growing demand, public expectations and government policies. This sector is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions, climate change and the consumption of global energy resources. In many countries, energy consumption in this sector is a serious challenge to their balance of payments and energy security. Technical developers and manufacturers are exposed to massive technological, innovative, and political pressure to move ahead

It is now obvious that a gradual improvement of established technologies, concepts, and processes will be unable to achieve a drastic increase in efficiency on a long-term basis. Ground breaking technological innovation is urgently required.

Alternative combustion concepts and fuels will gradually replace the current combinations of conventional petrol and diesel engines and fuels. ATI aims to develop new drive concepts, which will create new standards in low energy consumption and emission values.

Hybrid vehicles and machines entering the market are inspiring the development of new engines combined with new, efficient energy converters. Complete conversion to this new generation of engines will require breakthroughs in battery technology, power electronics and transmission technology.

As these innovations in engine technology emerge, including electric and fuel cell engines, they will achieve an even more impressive reduction in energy consumption, toxic emissions and noise; improvements that cannot be achieved by conventional combustion engines.